August 18, 2009

Foundation Review #3: Illamasqua Cream foundation

This is the last Illamasqua foundation I have tried, but certainly not the least. Actually it is my favourite. I have this in 125, which is an ashy beige shade for pale skin, close to an NC15.
It comes with a sponge applicator and a real mirror, which makes it a perfect foundation for travelling or to take along with you for touch ups (I never touch up foundation but who knows).

- medium coverage: won't hide everything and won't replace concealer but will make your skin look good
- quite matte: perfect for combo/oily skin as well
- long lasting: still looks quite good after 9 hours, a bit of powder on my usually oily forehead is all it would take to make it perfect again for several hours
- great base for blushes and MSF's: I have really noticed these stayed on much more longer than usual
- good packaging
- you don't feel it on the skin

- you need to find your shade since you can't custom mix like you would do with liquids
- I wish it had a tiny bit more coverage, but I can still make this work

I give it 5 stars out of 5 : to me it's the best foundation Illamasqua makes and the one that will suit most people, including those who are not very experienced with foundation application. This is definitely going to become an important part of my makeup kit!

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