August 19, 2009

Foundation Review #4: Chanel Pro Lumiere

Before I got to try the Illamasqua foundations, I had bought this one.
As I told you before, I have been looking for a full-coverage long lasting foundation, because comes the Winter, I get redness and dry patches on my Oily T-Zone and I need to hide that all.
I picked Chanel Pro Lumiere rather than Mat Lumiere because mattifying foundations might be good for my T-zone, they're quite bad at hiding my dry patches. So I have found that using a foundation for normal or dry skin and treating the oily zones with something else (primer...) works best for me.
Chanel Pro Lumiere is a long lasting foundation for all skin types.

- very good coverage
- very glowy finish, but this can be toned down with powder if needed
- very nice texture, easy to blend and stretch
- quite long lasting, although the 14 hours claimed by the brand seem unrealistic to me
- photographs very well
- packaging: comes with a pump, which is always a bonus
- SPF 15

- it is very glowy: on oily/combo skin, this can easily look greasy after a few hours, primer and/or powder are a must
- it does feel a tiny bit heavy
- it's pricey

I would say this is not an everyday foundation, or at least not one anybody can easily wear. You have to work with the right amount to make it look good, and to know how to work with primers and powders to make it look the way you want. It's almost a pro product, I would say, which explains a lot of people don't like it - I think they haven't used it the right way.

I think I would repurchase despite the high price. It makes my skin look great and I know that in Winter time, it will cover my flaws and won't dry out my skin. And it's perfect for night time, especially if you're going to be photographed.

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