August 30, 2009

Foundation Review #5: Avène Couvrance Liquide

A bit of information about Avène: it's actually a French thermal city whose water is helpful to cure skin diseases and problems. A very weird thing is that scientists have analyzed this water and its components and recreated it artificially - well the recreated water doesn't work as well!

In several European countries like France, Belgium, Netherlands, Avene is quite easy to find, mostly in pharmacies, and relatively inexpensive (under 20€, but differs from country to country). It's highly recommended by dermatologist and can be used to hide skin issues or scars. Outside of Europe, it can be bought on the web but is more expensive.

I absolutely adore that foundation, it's the one I turn to when my skin is acting up or when nothing else is working right for me. I wear shade 2 Natural most of the time but if I (fake) tan, I'll use shade 3 Sable. If I use it 7/7, a tube will last me about 4 months.

Oil Free
SPF 15
Extremely easy to apply
Very light feeling but buildable coverage - up to medium in the liquid version (they have a cream version too)
Virtually no risk of allergy
Contains thermal water
Long lasting
Slightly dewy finish
Works on any skintype, which is great when you have combination skin
Great tube packaging: easy to use and hygienic
Not too expensive in Europe

Only 5 shades in the range, which might make it hard to find your match

I highly recommend you try this if you can and if one of the colors work for you! It will be cheaper than a lot of high-end products and your skin will love it.


  1. Could you do swatches of the colors? I want to buy it but I have to order it online so I can't mach it myself. It'd be really helpful. In case you still have this foundation of course...

  2. Hi L, this post is from 2 years ago so unfortunately, I don't have this foundation anymore. Sorry!


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