August 31, 2009

A haul.

Once in a while, I'll drive for an hour and go to France, that beautiful country that has Sephora in every city! I actually have a friend who is quite addicted to makeup, too and she lives in a very large French city, so we meet there and go makeup shopping together.

Although I am famous for doing very large and expensive hauls every few months, I was quite reasonable this time. Here's what I got:

At Mac, I got:
Jest (duh! see previous post)
Rose Pigment - which is so pretty and very versatile as it looks good on eyes, lips and cheeks
London Life from the Euristocrats 2 collection
and I back to mac-ed for Cyber, a very dark purple - and yes I'm going to wear it!
I picked a retractable lip brush at Sephora, which is always useful with dark lipsticks.

At Bobby Brown, I got a gorgeous sapphire gel liner and a concealer (and boy, this concealer was worth the high price! More detailed review will follow.)

I also got a Benefit cream shadow in Gossip, which is a light purple color; I got it for the name as much as for the shade!

And finally I picked 2 OPI nailpolishes, one is Pampelona Purple and I need to recheck the name for the second one.

So I will be reviewing these products as I get to use them, and will let you know how I like them.


  1. I *love* Bobbi Brown concealer. Yes, it costs more per gram than cocaine (uhm, probably) but it works! It's thick, creamy, and blends OVER powder. I can use it first-thing to hide my...unsightly bits, and then use it to freshen up later and it will blend right over my foundation/powder/whatever. And it's SO PALE. AHHHH. Love it.

    Thet Cyber lipstick looks hoooot. I want one ;x Did you see Bobbi Brown's metallic long-wear eyeshadows? I don't know if they're just out in the US or not.

  2. I love that concealer, too, I am ivory which is not the lightest shade but almost.
    I haven't seen those metallic eyeshadows, they would have caught my eyes for sure.

    Oh and Cyber does look hot! Haven't tried it on yet but I wore similar colors in the past and love them. I am wearing a nude today and I think it's not looking good, apparently my lips need to get noticed!


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