August 20, 2009

I hate packing

I am leaving tomorrow for a long week-end at the Atlantic coast, where we'll be celebrating the birthday of a relative. So far, that's nice.

But here comes the trick: I need to pack, and this I hate. I always feel like I don't need much and that will be quickly done, then comes the moment I grab my trolley, I get overwhelmed by "what if's". And I end up taking much more than I had planned (and subsequently turning to a bigger trolley).

And of course, beauty is a big part of the problem. What looks will I need to wear? A smokey? Brights? What if I change my mind at the last moment?
But taking along 5 Mac palettes does seem a bit too much, doesn't it?

So I am challenging myself to sticking to a very strict minimum this time. Yes, I'll need to wear some makeup at the birthday party, but other than that I will be either driving the car or walking on the beach, and that doesn't require a full face.
I had thought about taking a 4-shadows quad of some sort, but I think I'll even do better than that: I 'll stick to pencils. Regular pencils or/and my Gosh waterproof eyeshadow pencils (that look like Mac shadesticks) and/or Illamasqua fat pencils. On top of UDPP (of which I have a mini size), they'll last all day and will bring some color. I'll only need one synthetic brush and that's good. That won't take too much space in the small pouch I got for the occasion (the ones I already have are humongous).

As far as the rest of my face is concerned, I can leave (and live) with a liquid foundation applied with fingers, one blush (thinking Nars Deep Throat since this goes with everything) and one highlighter of some sort, one mascara and one lipgloss.
Cleanser and moisturizer of course, that I can put in sample containers. And sunscreen.

Oh and as far as hair is concerned, I am taking along my flat iron to style my bangs, but I'll do with the curly air dried hair. No space-consuming blowdryer this time.

That should be enough, I guess. I'll tell you next week if I could stick to my resolutions and how it worked for me. I wonder if the small trolley will be enough...

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