August 19, 2009

Me want

This is one of the upcoming Mac collections for this Fall/Winter., it's called Style Black.
I think I want all products (excepted maybe the plain black lipstick, not very office- friendly); the mineralize eyeshadows with a mix of black and a colorful undertone are promising.
I think is awaking the Goth in me.

Are you getting anything from that collection?


  1. I'm going to have to see this collection before I get too excited. They are saying that black lip is the new red lip, but I'll have to see that to believe it too! I am curious about the deep purple, plus I think the black lipstick might look really neat w/ a red or purple gloss over it. I'm kind of hoping I don't like anything though- I think MAC is going to get enough of my money tomorrow when the Makeup Artist collection comes out!

  2. @ Jessica: not sure I'll ever be able to pull out black lips, but I do love dark purples. And I think the eyeshadows are very unique. That's what I want the most :-)

  3. Black lipstick...I'm still processing that one. There's a great look that I just saw that I fell in love with as costume/runway makeup! I would love to put this look together. :)

  4. Wow, great look! And the black lips seem totally appropriate. I can totally picture you wearing that!


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