August 26, 2009

My E.L.F. experience

I had never paid much attention to, aka ELF. The products, in my opinion, were too cheap to be good. But after having seen so many YT guru's and bloggers saying that they actually liked the new Studio Line, and after having been told by several people that they loved the brushes from that line, I decided I should give it a go.

Then comes a long list of disappointments.

Firstly, I can't order from the U.S. Nor from the U.K. - they won't ship to me. I have to order from France since they take care of my country.
Problem #1: they don't sell the Studio Warm Bronzer that I wanted to get. And most importantly, problem #2: the coupon codes are not valid on the french site, and the prices are higher. The 30$ studio brush set retails for 35€ in France - 50 USD!

At that time I am pretty much upset already. But there is one brush in that set that I absolutely want to get, so I order that one. And then I add a couple of cheap blending brushes for the regular line.
My order is worth less than 6€, but shipping will be 7.50€. Great. But there's no cheaper alternative.

My order arrived 4 days later, which is pretty much normal for international mail. That's when I discover that the infmaous brush I wanted is not in there: I got a lip primer instead, which is worth less and which I don't need.

So I sent an e-mail and they answer within 24 hours that they're going to resend me the brush with no extra costs.

Three days later, the brush is there. Except it isn't. It's not the brush I ordered, it's another one from the Studio range.

That's it, I am giving up, I am not writing again to ask for the right brush.
Nex time I'll just order from Crownbrush even if it's more expensive.

End of the experiment.


  1. You should e-mail again and tell them, the fact that they already fucked it up once will make them more likely to try and do something extra to please you =S

    I mean you only ordered it for that one item! You should make a fuss.

  2. Actuay, I did. That was almost a week ago and you know what: NO REPLY!
    Of course that's ELF France, it doesn't mean it happens that way in other countries. But I am quite upset.

  3. E-mail again! Screw that, phone. Demand to speak to who's in charge, threaten to report them to the better business bureau or financial onbudsman or whoever you have there. That level of service is completely unacceptable, being given what you have paid for is a fundamental and basic right.


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