August 31, 2009

Shame on me... and September challenge

I did some makeup shopping this week-end (more about that later). I stopped by a Mac counter and got a few eyeshadows, and among them was Jest, that I had benn wanting for quite a while, and that kept on popping in the product list for a lot of pretty looks seen recently. You get it: I needed it.

When I got back home and opened my pallettes to put my new babies in their new house, I found out I already had Jest. And that it was untouched.

This is the proof, if I needed it, that I have been in such a buying rut that I don't even have the time to try everything I get at least once, and that I don't know what I have or do not have anymore.

So I think it's time for a little challenge: in September, I'll pick one Mac 15 palette a week (I have 5 of them) and I'll use that palette every day. I can add something from another palette if needed (like neutrals if I need them, or highlighters) or a pigment BUT I will use colors from that palette every day of the week.

Starting tomorrow, then. And I must decide if it will be the Bronze/Gold or the Purple/Pink palettes I'll use first.

Anybody fancy joining me?


  1. You have FIVE 15-colour MAC palettes?! Oh, I'm not even speaking to you. I don't even have ONE. I have like half of one.


  2. Awwww if we lived close to each other, I'd let you play with them.
    Take into account that I bought nothing but mac for quite a while, hence the large collection.


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