September 2, 2009

The best invention since gel liner

... and it definitely changed my life. It's this:

Shiseido Pureness pore minimizing Cooling Essence.
I bought this without really believe it would work, actually I wanted another product that was out of stock and the SA advised this to me.
I have tried numerous products to control oils on my t-zone, but most have been too drying or heavy to wear due to the silicone (like Clinique pore minimizer t-zone). I had lost faith in oil controlling products, and that problem is the reason why I have over 10 foundations laying in my drawers - they never looked good old day.

The SA told me that this product isn't drying and treats the skin as well as it controls the oils. She was right! You apply this at the end of your skincare routine, you only need a tiny bit, then wait a couple of minutes and apply makeup as usual.

I can now wear dewy foundations without looking oily, and my make up looks perfect for a good 8 hours, even more sometimes.
I am NEVER going back to anything else (and I seriously hope this won't be discontinued any time soon). And did I mention the price is reasonable, in the same range as Clinique?
What more could I want??


  1. Mais je veux ça aussi maintenant... Bon, faut que j'arrête de te lire!
    T'es toujours aussi contente de ce produit?

  2. @Milie: d'abord tu n'en as pas du tout besoin et ensuite je ne l'utilise plus, parce que depuis que je ne mets plus de crème hydratante le matin je n'ai plus le front qui brille :)
    Je suis même pas sûre que ça existe encore d'ailleurs.

  3. Bonne nouvelle! Tu viens de me faire faire des économies... Bon we!


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