September 28, 2009

Hair Bio

Shamelessly stolen from Lollipop26 :)

Do you think that using professional hair care ranges makes an actual difference to the condition of your hair or do you think drugstore products do the job just as well?

So to make it helpful here is my hair bio:

Hair type: Thick and naturally wavy

Breakage history: Had a trim 2 months ago because since I have been growing my hair and straightening almost every day, I have done a bit of damage to it, unfortunately.

Hair issue: Oily roots and dry ends, so I actually wash my hair every day.

Professional or drugstore?: I have used drugstore for a long time but have found that I always end up getting irritations on the scalp or other problems. The last few years I have been using professional products from the L'Oreal Professional line and I don't have that kind of problem anymore.
The only drugstore products I still use are hairsprays (Garnier) or pommade (Nivea Hair Care or Studio Line) because I very rarely use them.
For coloring, I also use professional products, e.g. semi-permanent colors from the Diacolor range.

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