September 9, 2009

In and Out


Illamasqua Dystopia being available for online order tomorrow.

Bronzer to warm up my pale face, now that I have given up fake tan until next Summer. I am currently alternating between Illamasqua bronzing duo and my Cargo Blu Ray that I used all Summer (I even hit pan on this one, woot!)

Longer hair - my shoulder-length hair offers so many more styiling possibilities than the shorter bob I had these last years. I am really having fun!

Gel/cream liner, so easy to apply once you get the hold of it and really makes a difference in the look!

My new makeup storage (pics coming later), I have been dreaming of this for so long!


September weather: it's constantly changing to the extremes, and I never know if I should embrace the Fall's looks or stick to the Summer ones a bit longer. That bothers me for makeup AND for clothes.

Extra briefs at work, which is challenging but leaves me less time for makeup activities on the beauty community.

What are your own in and out's?

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