September 17, 2009

In and Out!


My Dystopia order has arrived - reviews to come! But I can already tell you I ♥ Machine eyeshadow!

YSL Faux Cils is probably one of the best mascaras ever (regardless the price)

Dark lips.

Nailpolish obsession.


Having so much work at the moment that I hardly have time to blog.

Still waiting for the Calypso Minerals stacker I ordered 3 weeks ago.

Weather getting cold and not knowing what to wear. Plus Summer makeup not fitting anymore.

The reality check I got when looking at my bank account, which means there is a strict "no makeup buy" policy in the air. I am getting ashamed about my collection anyway, so I need to use up a few things!


  1. If 30 days go by and your Calypso order still isn't here, don't ask for a replacement.

    E-mail her and quote distance selling rules stating that if goods are not receieved within 30 days you are entitled to a full and immediate refund. You know she just repackages, anyway, and you'll be lucky if you ever get what you ordered.

  2. That's totally what I intend on doing, Ana, I am not asking for replacement, that's for sure!
    I'll take advice from you as of where to buy, next time!!
    24th is the date, so we'll see!


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