September 21, 2009

Korres silicone free Face Primer

I have a confessiont to make: I never used a face primer before. Not because I didn't know about them, but because I wasn't too keen on putting silicone all over my face on an everyday basis.

But then I read about Korres Primer and the fact that it is 100% organic (and certified), silicone free but also paraben free, alcohol free, mineral oil free and vegan - among other things. It also contains vitamine E. Definitely worth a try.

The product description claims that this prime moisturizes (it can be used on its own), brightens skin and improves it, and fills fine lines.
I don't know about its brightening/skin improving/moisturizing qualities because I have good skin already (despite the fact that my t-zone is oily) and I use it over my moisturizer. But the primer function, that works great.
Never in my life has my face looked so good 10 hours after applying makeup - I barely need a little powder touch-up on the nose and forehead.

My skin is very sensitive and prone to allergic reactions but I don't have any problem with this. Oh, and it smells great, which is always a bonus. Since you only need a pearl size amount to do the whole face, the tube goes a long way.

So I am now using a natural, organic primer on a daily basis and looking good all day, what more could I want?

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