September 8, 2009

My skincare routine and favourite products

I tend to believe that when it comes to skincare, less is more. I am horrified when I read of people who use like 15 to 20 different products on their face over the week, because although I have no evidence of it, I believe this can't possibly be good fo ryour skin in the end.
I know that when I try too hard to solve skin problems with many different products, it always end up being worse in the end.
Actually there's only 2 things you really need to do for your skin: cleanse and moisturize, using products designed for your skintype.

I changed my routine a bit recently. I have had to adapt it since my favourite moisturizer that I had been using for years has been discontinued (well, reformulated, actually, but the new formula is too harsh on my skin). I think I have now found a great routine since my skin looks very good and I have even gotten rid of a dry patch on my forehead that had been buging me for months!
So here's what I do/use.

Of course I start with removing my makeup. Never ever go to bed with your makeup on, or your skin will make you go to hell! Here I have used the same 2 products for years:

- Bioderma Crealine micellar lotion (called Sensibio in some countries): this removes everything and doesn't need to be rinsed. Easy and efficient.
- Since I don't like using the lotion for my eyes, I use La Roche Posay Rosaliac micellar gel; it's a gel version of the micellar lotion and I find it more pleasant to use to remove mascara. This doesn't work well on waterproof mascara, though, but it works great with waterproof eyeshadows or liners.
- Cleansing with The BodyShop Seaweed cleanser. It's very fresh and very efficient, and really balances my combination skin: the oily parts are less oily and the dry parts are less dry.
- Moisturizing with Estee Lauder DayWear Cream for combination skin. Love the smell, love the texture, and I wake up with a very smooth skin.
- For my eyes zone, I currently use Orlane B25 which is supposed to work against dark circles. Since it doesn't work that well on me, I won't repurchase because it's etremely pricey, but it does a good job at moisturizing anyway.

- Again, Bioderma Crealine. Simple and fast.
- Eyes zone: Orlane B25 again, there isn't much reason to use 2 different products I think.
- Moisturizing: right now it's Louis Widmer Emulsion Hydroactive. But during the Fall, my cheeks will be dryer and I'll be using Estee Lauder Daywear Cream during the day as well.
- On my T-zone, I use Shiseido Cooling Essence I already mentioned here. I don't use a primer, but this works on keeping my t-zone dry all day.

Twice a week, I exfoliate with Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Fresh Balancing Exfoliator

So that's it: 8 different products in total and I don't have several products for the same use, which I think is great.

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