September 10, 2009

What to get from Illamasqua

Dystopia is available now, and I have already placed my order.

If you are new to the Illamasqua world, or if you can only get the products online like me, you might be interested in a review of the different products to know which ones are worth getting.

Get without even thinking twice :

- lipglosses: sheer or intense, they are very pigmented and not sticky. They don't have any particular taste. The intense ones are as pigmented and opaque as a lipstick, so they can be used on their own.

- medium pencils : They can be used either on eyes or lips, and they are just creamy enough to go on smoothly, but also dry enough not to smear off all over the place. If you need an everyday black liner, get the SOPHIE pencil and you'll be giving money to the Sophie Lancaster foundation at the same time.

- liquid metals : they really look like molten metal and are a very unique kind of product that can be used everywhere - eyes, lips, face, body...

- brushes: synthetic but extra soft and no shedding, what more do you want?

- liquid and cream foundation: easy to use, and come in a great variety of tones, even very pale or very dark

Get when you need :

- eyebrow cake: good lasting power and easy to apply

- blushes (cream and powder): excellent pigmentation and very good lasting power, light hand application might be necessary! The cream blushes can also be used on the lips.

- cream eyeshadows: pretty colors, nice consistency

- satin primer: works great, is slightly sheer but not shimmery and doesn't make look as greasy as a Mac Strobecream could do.

Get, but be aware:

- rich foundation : extreme coverage but not easy to apply if you're not familiar with this kind of thick product. There's a tutorial on how to use it by Gossmakeupartist here.

- lipsticks: they are very creamy, not too dry, and extremely pigmented as well as matte (most of them). You need to be cautious when applying, and to use a brush or you can make a mess!

- powder eyeshadows: most are matte, which is great, but matte are harder to work with, especially if you're not used to it. They require a good base and a lot of layering, so they're a bit of work.

I haven't tried yet and can't review: liquid illuminators, cake eyeliners, mascara, face powders, metal powders and nail polishes.

I hope this is helpful. Tell us in the comments if you have more information to share!


  1. You've listed several things currently in my cart- I can't wait to see the Dystopia collection in person, unfortunately the items I want the most (Galactic Gloss and the Quads)are EU only! :(

    I'm dying to try the cream foundation, but haven't found my shade in the liquids, so I'm scared to try the cream. At least I can blend the liquids to customize the shade. With cream, you're pretty much stuck with what you get! (I have reviews and swatches of the Rich and Light Liquids on my site too, if anyone is interested!)

    Have you tried your liner pencils on the waterline? I only have one, Cane, which is a yellow toned skin tone shade that I had planned to use as a more subtle alternative to white. I'm not sure if the Illamasqua pencil formula works well there- it seems to dilute like watercolor the minute it hits any moisture from my eye. I've wondered if the deeper shades do this as well, and would order some, but, ALAS, again, most of the pencils I'm interested in are EU only!

    I know you guys deal with the pain of US only stuff often, so I expect no sympathy, it just sucks to be so psyched about products that are being marketed to us here in the States, and then not be able to get them!

    Oh well, can't wait to see your Dystopia pics!

  2. You know I'll send them across Jessica! Great list Mariella, I'd forgotten about the blushes, my blogger friend Jen swatched them and they looked fantastic.

    I'm definitely wanting the 105 rich foundation. Pasty white, please!

  3. @ Jessica: well I feel for you, that sucks! I have the Sophie pencil and it's great on my waterline, as good as UD 24/7 and very intense in color.

    @ Ana: even for you, 105 might be too light ;-)


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