October 5, 2009

Foundation review #6: Chanel Mat Lumiere

I know I told you a while ago that I loved Chanel Pro Lumiere, and this is still true, I love it. But I couldn't resist the appeal of Matte Lumiere and being able to compare both. Plus, the last couple of weeks, my skin has been acting up again. No sun and no fake-tan mean greasy t-zone again, so I thought a mattifying foundation might help.

And well, I really love Mat Lumière, too, so I am kind of rotating between the 2 (and a third one, but I'll get to that later).
Where Pro Lumière is a bit thick on the skin, very covering and very dewy, Mat Lumiere feels lighter, is more on the medium coverage side and has just a tiny bit of dewiness so it doesn't look flat.
The smell is slightly different, but nothing too strong. Both products have a pump, which I consider to be a must, but the textures are very different since Mat is less runny than Pro Lumière. The shade range is quite coherent, I am #20 in both ranges (which is about NC15)
I apply both with my Mac 182 kabuki and it works great.

So, if you can only get one, how would you chose?
Pro Lumiere is probably a better option for people with normal to dry skin, on oily skin it can quickly go from dewy to greasy if you don't powder a couple of times through the day (which is an option but not all of us can be bothered).
Mat Lumiere is better for normal to oily skin and for people who can't stand a dewy finish, but on oily skin you might have to touch up a bit after 6-7 hours, which I don't think is abnormal.

As far as I am concerned, both products are keepers, and my choice depends on my agenda for the day and the kind of look I am going for.


  1. I really want to try the Pro Lumiere, my HG fndn is the Chanel Vitalumiere (but I can only use this in the Winter when my skin is drier). But the Pro is tempting.

  2. I love Pro Lumiere, too bad it doesn't stay on as well on my oily zone, but I think I'll repurchase anyway because it's a fantastic product.

  3. I really like this foundation but I find that it creases on my around the mouth which i can't stand! But almost all foundations do that to me for some reason..

    I love the finish of this.. it's not completely matte which is awesome..

    Thanks for the review =)



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