October 12, 2009

Foundation Review #7: Dior Nude

Warning - a year after writing this review, I tried this foundation again and completely changed my mind. The update can be found here.

I learned my lesson and have taken the habit of asking for samples before spending 48€ in a new foundation. And I am really glad I did because I really do not intend to buy this product.
Let me explain.

This foundation claims to be hydrating and give a natural glow and also to look and feel "nude". I was matched as 20, which is a pale neutral shade.

The consistency is liquid without being watery or running. Application is easy if you use a brush, but you need to be very quick because it dries very fast and becomes impossible to blend.
Once applied, it will give you a nice light glow where you need one, which is very nice, but nice stops here.

First of all, it doesn't feel nude at all. I can really feel it on my skin. My cheeks feel very velvety when I touch them but it doesn't feel natural at all.
Secondly, it doesn't look nude. Don't get me wrong, it makes your skin look beautiful and flawless. But this comes from the silicones in it and the result is also everything but natural. You look good but you definitely look like you have foundation on.
Coverage is medium, but in a weird way. It doesn't hide redness completely, it won't cover your dark circles and concealer is required, but on the other hand it's not transparent enough to let your own skin show through (again: silicones).

Third point, it doesn't last very well. I have combination skin and since this product is hydrating, it looked oily on my t-zone after only a couple of hours. An interesting thing to note: hydrating is clearly mentioned on the packaging in English, but it's not mentioned in French, which is kind of misleading I think.
On the misleading side, I have read (and actually heard from some sales assistants) that it is a very "natural" foundation, the word "mineral" might even have been pronounced. Just a check at the ingredients list will prove that this is not a natural product at all. (Not that I care, but I don't want to be given false information.)

In short: it looked good at the beginning, but very artificial, it didn't feel very light and then it didn't last well. I am kind of surprised because I used several Dior foundations in the past and liked all of them, they were very different.

Really not worth the money in my opinion.


  1. I too have become a sample whore- I try not to let myself feel bad sine I know I'll buy it if it works for me. I used Dior Sculpt a few years ago and love it, but alas, it was not a good enough color match for me to buy again!

    It just makes no sense for me to continue to buy hundreds of dollars worth of foundation every year that I'm not going to use, so I guess I'm glad places like Sephora and Nordstrom are so open with samples.

    Have you tried out Nars sheer glow foundation? I think I'm liking it, though I still wish it were more dewy in finish. Good coverage (not sure why it's called sheer) and great fair color range!

  2. No I haven't but I am planning on getting it. I have to order it online since Nars isn't available in my country, so no sample this time. But I know if I don't like it, I'll have no problem swapping or selling it since it's so popular.


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