October 7, 2009

In and Out


Dark lips and nails: that's one thing I like about this time of the year, you can wear reds and plums and even blacks.

Hence, Mac Style Black collection, the best they have released in a while.

Having found the right skincare routine and not looking like a grease mess in the afternoon!

Narscosmetics.eu now delivers to 25 european countries and has all the novelties, yay!

Watching YT makeup vids on the iPhone, especially at night in bed when I should sleep, but well I am addicted :-)


Fall weather: humidity that makes my hair messy and ridiculous temperature changes through the day that make me not know what to wear anymore.
Also no daylight anymore when I leave the house for work, which means no LOTD pictures possible (unless someone can explain how I can look good with a pic taken with flash)

The drugstore where I got Gosh, Rimmel and Essence is closing today. Which means no access to those products anymore, I only know where to find Gosh but it's quite far from home. I got a few back-ups of Essence brow set and brow gel, though.

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