October 1, 2009

The no-moisturizer experiment.

I am blessed (hear my sarcasm) with the most extreme combination skin: my T-zone is oily, particularly my forehead that will look like an oil slick around noon, and my cheeks are so dry that in the winter, they're flakey and painful.

Finding the right routine for that configuration is far from easy, believe me. I saw some improvement during the Summer because of the sun and the fake tan, but I don't want to wear fake tan all year long, especially as I'd have to match my neck, shoulder etc... as well.

I was reading an article on Gossmakeupartist's blog and something caught my eyes: he says that we should only wear one thing under our face makeup: moisturizer, or SPF, or primer. Certainly not all 3. And if you have oily skin you don't need to moisturize.

Wow, nobody ever told that to me. But it's worth giving it a try. So I have started a little experiment : wearing primer or moisturizer on the dry zones, and primer or nothing on the oily zone.
Yesterday was day 1 and although I did touch up with powder in the afternoon, I must say I didn't felt that greasy sensation on the forehead all day. So I am going to keep on experimenting with different combinations and foundations and I'll keep you posted on what works best.

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