October 23, 2009

Pressed Powders Review

I can't be without pressed powder (don't tell me about loose, it's too much of a mess), it just sets the makeup perfectly and I keep a compact in my purse for touch ups during the day. Oh, and I apply with a puff, not with a brush, because coverage is better this way especially on oily zone (I actually don't powder my dry zones).

There are 3 powders that I have been using and that I am going to review, and they're on different positions on the price scale, which is also interesting.

1. The high-end: T.Leclerc pressed powder.

Mr Leclerc was a French pharmacist at the end of the 19th century, who more or less invented the face powder as we know it. So you would think that brand know their stuff, and I think they really do, indeed!
The product comes in a nice compact with a real mirror and a little puff (which is quite cheap and thin, I must say). The shade range is really large, and there are also tinted powders that brighten different types of complexions, like a yellow one, purple one, pink one etc...
I have been using either the translucent or beige ones for several years. Even when using it daily, it takes me 6 months or more to hit pan. The finish looks very pretty and velvety, but quite matte. It lasts a good 6 hours on my combo skin and I can touch up without getting a cakey look.
Overall, it's an excellent product. The only downsize is the price: 35€.

2. The middle-end: Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.
This powder comes in a compact with a transparent top and no mirror, and has a dome-shaped form, so it won't fit in a blush palette.
The color selection is good but not extremely large and I find there is quite a gap between some of the colors. I personally use Light-Medium (I'm NC15 in Studio Sculpt, for the record).
The finish is very pretty and has a light sheer, so it's mattifying but not flat matte and looks very good. It lasts a bit less than the T.Leclerc on oily skin but you can also easily touch up. Also I think I finish it off a bit faster.
The powder is finely melt but it is a mineral powder, so I know some people are very sensitive to it and break out from that product.
Price is very reasonable for that very good quality: 22€

3. The drugstore product: Bourjois mattifying powder.

This is a very pretty and solid plastic compact, which a real mirror in it - not so common for a drugstore product. It comes with a little puff that is very nice and soft.
The powder is very fine and extremely sweet, it leaves the skin matte and velvety.
It has a distinctive perfume, which can bother some people, but it fades away quickly once you have applied it.
Although I love all those product features, the product doesn't seem to last well on me and I need to touch up after 4 hours, which is a shame because it's otherwise perfect. Even the price is perfect : 11€, that's half the price of the Mac and less than 1/3 of the T.Leclerc!
Now considering this price, I think you get great value for your money, and on days when I am just out for a few hours instead of working 12+hours, it's certainly good enough.

So, which one to pick?

Very often, the truth lies in the middle :-) I would pick the MSF natural for most people, me included as I now use it most of the time over Leclerc (mostly because of the lower price, there's nothing else I don't like about Leclerc).
However, if you have a very oily skin or are sensitive to mineral powders, T.Leclerc will be a safer bet for you. And if you have normal skin or don't need long-lasting coverage, you'll be happy with Bourjois and won't be spending too much.


  1. I agree! MSF naturals are the best!

  2. Welcome, Kate! I totally understand why so many people love them, indeed!


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