October 8, 2009

Top 10 Mac Eyeshadows

I have a lot of Mac Eyeshadows. Like, well, 5 pro palettes of 15 eyeshadows. So, picking 10 out of them isn't that easy, but you're going to see that I can be quite obsessed with certain types of colors! Since I have blue eyes (dark sapphire blue, a bit uncommon) and warm skin (NC15), my favourites have to match both kind of tones.

I don't have pics of them all but Temptalia has released 2 videos showing all the Mac eyeshadows and these are very accurate, so go there to see them in person, images work better than a thousand words!

CONTRAST is a deep blue, and it was my first mac shadow. I love it in the outer corner instead of black, and it goes greatly with neutrals, peaches, bronze, gold... (image: theswatchaholic)

SATIN TAUPE is a must have, everybody needs a taupe color and this one is particular and goes with a lot of other shades.

ALL THAT GLITTERS is one of my favourite lid colors, it's a pretty iridescent peach color.

SKETCH is another color that I love on the outer corner instead of black, and it goes very well with peaches (hint: pair it with all that glitters!)

TEMPTING I am obsessed with that one, I am so glad it's permanent! I absolutely love it paired with blues or other bronze/gold tones. If they ever put it on the goodbye list, I'll have to get 128334834 back-ups!

SABLE: is close to Satin Taupe but warmer, a bit plumy, it's very nice in the crease.

COPPERING: is a gorgeous copper color, fantastic in the crease paired with browns or peaches.

COPPERPLATE is a matte2 greyish clayish color. It's easy to work with it and it's my favourite shadow to pair with crazy colors (think fushia pink) to tone them down and make the wearable for work!

VEX: is one of the shadows I love the most (another one I need to have tons of backups for). It looks a very pale white-grey but it has pink undertones or even green ones, you just need to use a color base under Vex to make them show. So it works with a variety of looks.

VANILLA because it's the highlighter I use the most.

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