October 6, 2009

Update on the "no moisturizer" project, and the perfect 10+ hours face products.

So it's been a week since I stopped using moisturizer in the morning. And well, that's the best idea I ever had!

My skin is in good condition since I moisturize it very well at night, and the patches than do get dry sometimes have been behaving thanks to that.
In the morning, before applying my makeup, I use:
- a gel around the eyes (Louis Widmer)
- Korres Face Primer on the cheeks (and maybe a bit of moisturizer underneath if the weather is bad and the zone gets dry)
- Shiseido Pureness Cooling Essence on the T zone.

Then I apply my foundation and go on with my look and my life. I can go through my working day without a touch up, or maybe just a little powder on the forehead. And this works nicely with several foundations, even those not meant for oily skin (like my Chanel Pro Lumiere).

So I have been quite satisfied with my new routine, but wait, there's more! I found the perfect long lasting face makeup, one that will look as good at 8PM than when you left the house at 7AM and have been travelling all day (I know, I tried!).
That little miracle solution consists on the products I mentioned above and Illamasqua Cream Foundation. (I use it in 125, which is a pale neutral shade).

I can hardly believe how well that works and it makes me feel like I have the most normal skin in the world!

Of course, you're going to tell me that I should then stick to that routine for ever, but I can't help trying other foundations, and sometimes I like a different type of finish or coverage.
But that's definitely going to be my go-to face makeup when I am on the run (because it's very quickly done, too) have long days, business travels, and times where I need to be perfect without being able to touch up.

If you try the no-makeup experiment, please let me know how it worked for you!


  1. Guess what! I was bored today at home so I went to Sephora. My collegues gave me a gift card when I left work so I have to honour it :p. And I bought two foundations : the Chanel Mat Lumière in 20 (light) and the Nars sheer mat foundation in Mont Blanc (light2 : light with slight pink undertones). I wanted Gobi (same stuff with yellow undertones) but it was not avalaible. The Mont Blanc colour will also be a great match for you. I will give you my thoughts on them as soon as I try them.

  2. @ lambda: I can't wait for your reviews! I am 20 in Chanel as well but not sure about Mont Blanc since I really don't have pink undertones... I am so glad there is a EU site for nars where I can order online now!!

  3. @Musing on Beauty: I do not have pink undertones either but this one is a good match I was surprised too!

  4. I want to try the Illamasqua fndn...loving their other products. Great reviews by the way:)

  5. Thanks Monica. I love that brand, too.


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