October 15, 2009

YSL Faux-Cils versus Diorshow.

These two are probably the most popular high-end mascaras on the market place, although they are not really new. That must mean something, right?
I have been using YSL Faux-Cils for a few weeks now and am really liking it, but when I went to the department store to get one in another color, they were out of stock and I let the sales advisor trick me into getting Diorshow instead. I had tried (and not liked) Diorshow like 10 years ago when it was released, and I assumed it would have evolved by now, so why not.
And now I can really compare!

Contestant #1 : Diorshow

Diorshow kind of invented the big fat brushes and I like these (don't even mention rubber brushes to me). But I was almost scared by this one: it's almost bigger than my eye. Not that my eyes are very big, but still.
On to the formula, I found it quite dry, which makes it difficult to apply a second coat after a while without getting a flaky mess on your lashes. And that's too bad, really, because you really need several coats of these to get some effect. Though it's marketed like a volumizing mascara, I didn't think it did much for my lashes on that register.
The product doesn't really have a scent, which is a bonus if you have a sensitive nose like me.
Price paid: 28€ (it's a large size, 11ml, but like any mascara you have to toss it after a few months so you're unlikely to use it up anyway)
My overall verdict: not worth that money. My Maybelline Colossal does exactly the same thing and I think the formulation is even better (but the color range is smaller, too bad...)
I will not repurchase

Contestant #2 : YSL effet Faux-Cils
Another big fat brush, but smaller than the Diorshow one and more adapted to my eye size. The golden tube looks a bit tacky but well, it's the inside beauty that counts, right?
The formula is reasonably wet and very buildable. When I started using this, I actually had trouble knowing when I should stop, because you can put on coats and coats without any problem up to the point where your lashes really look fake (which is the aim, but then they hit my glasses). But you can go with one coat and you'll be just fine, too. So it's kind of multi purpose, daytime and night out, and I like that.
Like any YSL product, this one is heavily scented, kind of a melon fragrance, but I don't mind. I actually like this scent (which doesn't happen often, so I'm lucky) and anyway it doesn't last very long.
Price paid: 23€ for 7.5 ml
My overall verdict: I think I have found my Holy Graal mascara. I have always thought paying that much for a mascara wasn't worth it and drugstore stuff was as good, but I find this one to be quite exceptional - enough to spend that money every three month.


  1. great review. I went through the dior show.. now using collosal phase. But i am excited to know ysl is better. no i really will pick it up!

  2. Welcome Sara! I like Colossal a lot, too, I must say, it's my next favourite :-)


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