November 23, 2009

Almost 3 weeks into Project 10 pan...

... and still doing good.

Unlike during all my previous "no buy" attempts, I have not failed or cheated. The goal apparently makes thing easier for me than just deciding not to buy anymore for the sake of it.

Now what's really upsetting is, the 2 products I will have used up first are 2 of my favourites: Bobby Brown concealer and YSL Faux-Cils. And since I have other concealers and mascaras to use up, it means I won't start using my back-ups of these...

I am really not sure anymore that I will have finished my project by the end of December, but it's fine - January is a big Sales month here and I'll be able to use my money for discounted clothes, bags and skincare if I don't buy any makeup at that time.

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