November 23, 2009

Eyeshadow palettes organization.

I have something like 80 Mac eyeshadows, all in pro-pan form (or depotted, at least), and I store them in 15 palettes.
Until recently, managing my palettes by colour was quite easy and everything fitted well. But for some kind of colors that I particularly like, my palettes were getting too small and I don't like splitting one color through several palettes because then I tend to forget about some of my products.

So, to break a lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to get rid of the 15-grid on my Shimmery Neutrals palette so I could fit more eyeshadows in it. And here is the result:

From left to right, Row 1: Nylon, Honey Lust, All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, Twinks, Cranberry.
Row 2: Ricepaper, Amber Lights, Patina, Tempting, Style Snob, Antiqued, Smoke&Diamonds.
Row 3: Goldmine, Mythology, Sable, Mulch, Bronze, Smut, Vex.

I use the name "simmery neutrals" losely, it's actually a palette where I keep my gold, bronze, shimmery browns and taupe eyeshadows.
It's my favourite ever palette, the one I can't live without, the one I'd pick if I had to keep only one item out of my whole stash.
So, since I love these colors although they're not part of the same range, I keep Vex and Cranberry in there, too. This way I have all my favourites together!

How do you store your eyeshadows? Do you keep them in their pots? Or in palettes? How do you organize them?


  1. Lovely....I would really like to knw what colors are in there...even i don't like to split my neutrals and browns...

  2. I"m going to edit the post and add the names as soon as I can!

  3. Do they stay tight in the pan or do they fall out easier when the grind isn't there?

  4. @ Anon: they're magnetized, so they do stay put - even with the grind they will fall if there's no magnet under the pan.

  5. where can i buy all of this and how much will it cost


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