November 17, 2009

Foundation review #8: La Roche Posay Unifiance Creme Satin

I recently dig out this foundation from the bottom of my stash. I wore it last Winter and then kind of forgot about it, and I felt like trying it again last week. I was actually going through a few bad skin days and my makeup had not been doing much in hiding it.

When I tried this on, I remembered why I had loved it so much (and had not gotten rid of it). It's silky, moisturizing and covering, long lasting and feeling light at the same time. The winning combination! It does a great job in hiding flaws without ever looking cakey.

This product is actually designed for dry and/or sensitive skin, but I have been using it on my oily t-zone without any problem, it's not the kind of foundation that will make you greasy if your skin is on the oilier side.

This foundation is not very expensive, it is sold here in pharmacies under 20€ for 30ml. I know it can be ordered on the web for those who live in the US, but unfortunately it is more expensive this way - prices vary a lot though, so do make your research.
The main downside of it is that there are only 5 shades available, and luckily I can wear the lightest one. But I think most of the light ones are beige or yellow tones (for a change, they're usually too pink for me!)

So really, if you feel like you have tried everything and nothing makes your skin look flawless, I think this is the last chance foundation that you need to try!

You're going to ask me why I keep on trying other products if this one is so perfect. Well, I like to play the snob and be able to tell I wear Chanel. But secretly I know this LRP foundation is what makes my skin look at its best.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I'm another 30something beauty junkie who loves Hello Kitty and my sleep! :D Like you I wasn't into makeup until about 2 yrs ago. I've always been into skincare though. Anyway, just to say hi.

  2. Oh Musing, every time I see you write about a foundation I want to get it! Now I feel like I must hunt this down :) You should get a commission on this stuff...BTW, I can't wait to hear what you think about the Embryolisse, I keep hearing such great things, but the ingredients don't look that impressive. Do tell!

  3. Haha I'm such an enabler, I know! :) Will be sure to review Embryolisse soon!


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