November 25, 2009

Foundation review #9 : Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Just as I was feeling content about having drastically cut down the number of foundations in my stash (from 14 to 4, yay me) and focusing on not increasing the size of my stash thanks to Project 10 Pan, I was given this product by a friend. She's a beauty editor and had gotten a few bottles from a press service, some of them really not being her shade, which is how I gladfully inherited shade 4 - a perfect match for me.

I had never contemplated trying an Armani product, because they're not easily available for me (have to go to France for that, too) and they're not really hyped so I guess I wasn't even aware of what the brand had to offer. So I had to do bit of research on this product, and here's what the Armani website has to say about it:

Capture the glow of perfect skin with Luminous silk foundation, an oil-free fluid with exclusive Micro-fil™ technology. So weightless, it redefines foundation. Its hydrating fluid glides on seamlessly with a silky texture and all-day, buildable coverage (from sheer to medium). All skin types.

You know what? All of this is true. So incredibly true I found it hard to believe. This foundation is everything I wanted Dior Nude to be (total fail from Dior on my expectations): it is so weightless that you feel like you're wearing nothing!
It's oil-free, which is perfect for my oily zones, but it's hydrating enough for my dryer zone. Your skin feels very soft - well, silky- and the product doesn't transfer when you touch your skin.
It's slightly dewy but in a subtle way, not obviously fake like some other dewy foundations.

It's my skin but better.

The only downside is: it is a sheer coverage foundation. And though you can slightly build it up to hide minor flwas, don't expect it to perform miracles on bad skin days. Which means that I can wear it fine most of the time but not all the time.

Also I find that it tends to wear off on my nose and forehead at the end of the day but it's kind of the same with other foundations, and at least this one is great for touching up without looking cakey, so I consider the problem solved :-)

Oh and I need to say that it comes with a pump, which is always nice. I do the whole face and jaw with 1.5 pumps and I find it's very easy to apply with the hands. It looks at his best applied over a primer.

I consider this to be a more wearable, daytime version of Chanel Pro Lumière in the same price range (39€/ 30 ml) and this is going to be a keeper in my collection.


  1. I've gone off liking Armani foundation for two reasons:
    1. sheer coverage - not enough to cover my brownish marks leftover from chicken pox.
    2. it doesn't stay put for long. I can't be bothered keep on re-applying it every few hours.

    It's definitely much better compared to Diorskin though.

  2. Music, I know that it doesn't stay put as long as some other products, but it's enough for a regular day at the office, for me. And unless I am breaking out (like now, actually), a medium coverage is enough for me (although I love the looks of full coverage), so this works for me :)

  3. Oh, forgot to mention, the last time I dig it out & try it again, I got some zits from using it. :( It's good if you find it suits your skin, not easy finding a great foundation, eh?! :D


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