November 12, 2009

Hell, it works!

I was recently given a mini-size of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. Actually, I got a very pretty invitation from Estee Lauder to go and discover the product at my counter.
I had of course heard about this product before but I'm not really into serums. Since it was free, I thought it was worth the trip anyway.

So there I was, with my mini serum: I used it a few times, I liked the smell, which reminded me of essential oils. I found it was nice but it had nothing special, and that was it.

Until the beginning of this week, when my skin started acting up. Dry patches on the cheeks, zits, dull complexion, you name it! My skin had gone to hell overnight for no reason.

So I tried to solve the problem with what I had handy - I exfoliated with my regular Lauder exfoliator (which I usually do twice a week anyway), and decided to use the Advanced Night Repair serum under a heavy moisturizer (Vichy Aqualia Thermal), and I went to bed.

I couldn't believe the results the next morning! I had babysoft skin and the zits were already healing. My complexion didn't look dull anymore. I got a mini skin miracle from the mini serum. And let me tell you I have been looking for years for something that would help the dry patches I get in the Winter, and nothing ever worked as quickly and as efficiently as this!

Which means I am probably going to have to actually buy this serum, and it's a very expensive item (€67 for 30ml). Damn Lauder, you tricked me!
But you actually use very little at a time and my sample is likely to last long enough for me to get the regular size during January sales with a discount.

So if you have a desperate skin, no matter your age or skin type, you know what you have to do now.


  1. Hi gorgeous! I have a sample size of it I will not use as it will not suit my skin... So if you want it I will be happy to send it to you :)

  2. Thank you sweetie!!!! Pigments are on their way to you ;-)


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