November 8, 2009

Project 10 pan!

I need to go on Project 10 pan. And since I gloriously failed on all my previous attempts at not buying more makeup than I already have (only challenges I ever succeeded on were No Heat and One Week-One Palette), I thought I'd write it on here to make sure that I will be publicly ashamed if I cheat.

I made a list of all things in my stash that need to go, because really, my motivation in doing this is to get rid of some products and not repurchase them, so my collection gets a bit lighter.
Here's the list:

Since I consistently buy and use up the same stuff, I'm not going to include skincare in my project, but I am making one exception for a very expensive eye cream by Orlane I splurged on and that I won't repurchase because it's not that better compared to my usual products.
#1: Orlane B25 eyecream (1/3 left)

I have a ton and will probably end up throwing some of them unfinished because they're over they 3 months death mark but I intend on using all of them as much as I can within this period:

#2 YSL Faux-Cils (my HG, that I will repurchase)
#3-4 Maybelline Colossal in black AND brown (will repurchase the brown)
#5 Bourjois Volume Clubbing
#6 L'Oreal Volume Intense Collagene in brown (hate it)
#7 Diorshow in blue - what was I thinking, really?? And it was the most expensive mascara I ever got!

#8 T.Leclerc Pressed Powder in Beige (before I switch for good to Mac MSFN, that I already own)
#9 Cargo Blue Ray Bronzer (pan is already showing on this one)

#10 Nuxe Teint Prodigieux - it's a dupe for YSL Touche Eclat
#11 Clinique concealer pencil (works better as a highlighter than as a concealer, really)
#12 Laura Mercier concealer in #2 (actually too peachy and a bit too dark for me)
#13 MUFE lifting concealer in #3 (not covering enough for my liking)

#14 Clarins eyeshadow base (I prefer UDPP and TFSI now but want to use this one up)

#15 T.Leclerc peachy apricot
#16 L'Oreal Glam Shine in a bronze shade, I"m a bit sad about this one because I got it for a wedding in Italy in 2008, it's linked to good memories, and it's discontinued; but if I don't use it up it will go bad eventually...

Now the irony in this, is that what I have the most and should be willing to get rid of, is eyeshadows. I have numerous Mac 15-palettes, UD palettes, Nars palettes, 88 and 120 palettes... You get the picture. But I am far from finishing any of my eyeshadows, even the ones I use the most: good candidates would be Mac Vanilla, Brulé and Woodwinked but it could take months!

If you've gone through a similar project and you want to share advice, please feel free :)

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