November 3, 2009

A quick EOTD: unexpected color mixes.

I thought it would be nice if I started posting pictures of looks from time to time - that is, when I am not leaving home before the sun sets and I can take pictures in natural daylight.

I tried something new today. I was inspired by this look Lollipop26 did a while ago, but since I don't have access to Shu Uemura products here (which is a pity, really, because that eyeshadow looks gorgeous), I had to look for a quick dupe.
So here's what I did:

I used Mac Woodwinkd eyeshadow on top of Artifact paintpot. Pretty unusual, eh? Ten I blended the crease slightly with Expensive Pink, added some Mulch in the outer V to give some depth and also slightly lined the upper and lower lashlines with it, and I cleaned the edges with Brulé.
Too bad the real colors are washed out on the picture, Artifact really does bring out the gold in Woodwinked, I think I even like it better this way than on its own! (It's pretty on top of Indianwood, too, tough).

Do you use unconventional color mixes that end up working great? Please, share!


  1. this looks good! nice warm shades. I think I need artifact paint pot! xo

  2. Actually if you mix Cranberry e/s with a bit of Nocturnelle, then add Woodwinked on top, you'll get a similar effect... but it wil require more work!


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