November 2, 2009

Review: L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen

I already talked bout how YSL Fax-Cils is no my holy grail mascara. But I still use drugstore ones, let me explain why: sometimes, maybe once in the week, I'll go for a natural look and will prefer brown mascara. Now since I don't use my brown mascara regularly, it generally dries up before I can finish it, or the deathly 3-months mark will happen, and I will need to toss it. Of course, now way I am going to spend 25€ in a product I know I won't have the opportunity to finish!

The fun part is that I can test drugstore mascaras this way, and still enjoy my YSL at the same time. As my beloved Maybelline Colossal was running dry, I decided to give some L'Oreal mascara a try. I know everybody raves about them, be it Architect or Voluminous, but for som reason I had never been drawn to them before.

So I picked the new Extra-Volume Collagen. Here, see what it looks like :

The brush is not too long but is quite fat, and has a lot of very fine bristles, I don't think I've ever seen a mascara brush with that much bristles actually. They're not rubber but they're quite stiff and feel somehow plasticy. But it's easy to use and certainly not too big for smaller eyes.

The formulation is quite dry, I find, too much for my liking. It's closer to Diorshow than to YSL, definitely.

The result is not what I expected, unfortunately. It does separate the lashes very well and will catch even the tiniest hair, which is nice. But since the formula is quite dry, I find it hard to build it up, and in the end, the volumizing effect is not there for me.
I curled my lashes right before using it and I find the curl didn't last very well (pics taken after 3 hours, and it's not as good as it was already).

Verdict : not my taste, I'd get Maybelline Colossal any time over this one. From my experience, you won't get that much volume from L'Oreal Extreme Volume Collagen. It's a good everyday mascara but it has zero va-va-voom compared to what the name would let you expect.

Pictures, maybe? Here's the result with L'Oreal:

And, for comparison purposes, here's what I get with one generous coat of YSL Faux-Cils:


  1. That is funny because I also tried an other mascara than my beloved Beauty tubes today. I have plenty untried ones in my board and pick the Lash Plumper from Sephora, dreaming of thick full eyelashes and it... poorly fails. The result is so blaaah, it is really natural looking on me. I have to reckon I am quite disappointed. You can build up layers as it does not seem to clump but no volume increase!?! Weird hum?
    I will perhaps made a pic review on my blog soon...

  2. @Lambda: I think we need to stick to what we like. But we can't really help tryin novelties, can we? ;-)


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