November 4, 2009

Rouge Bunny Rouge haul and mini-review.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a Russian cosmetic brands that was launched at the very end of 2005. The products aim to be luxurious and are targeted to elegant women who focus on independance. It might seem contradictory, as the brand image is very fairy-tale like, it's out of an enchanting world full of birds and bunnies and flowers all looking very victorian.

"We always found it sad that many new brands and products lack an atmosphere of romance and seduction”— declared one of the brand’s creators, Alexandra de Montfort. This aristocratic brand with a unique spirit of Victorian times and Russian Tsarism represents an interlacing of a classic and a mystery, restoring exclusiveness and originality in women."

Rouge Bunny Rouge is now available in the UK, and sold all around Europe via eseller Zuneta.
After having seen a few reviews on beauty blogs, I was intrigued by the brand and its image, and decided to order a few products to try out. I splurged on a week-end where Zuneta was offering a 20% discount, which was quite nice as the products are pricey. The parcel arrived quickly, in a very cute cardboard box wrapped with a dark blue ribbon.

Here's what I got:

(Please excuse the crappy light, that's what happens when you're spending all your precious daylight hours at work.)

On top, there's a Blush Wand from the collection "Cheeks in Bloom" in the color "Manet". It's a cream blush in stick, and I was amazed at the size: it's very very tiny, like 5cm height! That makes it very portable. I find it's quite easy to apply but not sticky at all, and well pigmented. Quite expensive, though: 28£.

Then we have 2 singles eyeshadows. The range is called "When the Birds are Singing" and these 2 shades are "Fire-Tailed Sunburd" -a pretty peach with a bit of gold in it- and "Delicate Hummingbird" -the prettiest purpley taupe I have ever seen. I must add that all their eyeshadows are called after birds.
The consistency is very nice, and these shadows are slightly shimmery but they also have a range of matte which I haven't tried. The packaging is very nice, made of black solid plastic, and comes with a real mirror in it. The eyeshadows are pricey, 22£ each, but you do get exactly twice the amount in a Mac eyeshadow, so it makes sense to pay twice the price as well.
The colors are vibrant, easy to blend, and very long lasting.

Then there's an eyeshadow duo, called "A-Major". The packaging is slightly bigger, comes with a mirror too, but is also more expensive: 28£. The quality is as good as for the single ones.
All eyeshadows have a nice logo or drawing embossed in them, which almost made me sad when I had to put my brush on the product for the first time!

So my general impression over the whole range is good. I have only good things to say about them, they're cute and they work well. Considering the amount you get, the price is reasonable. But on the other hand, I hardly ever hit pan on a Mac eyeshadow, so I don't really need to pay more to get twice the amount. The eyeshadows are great, but the color range is limited at the moment and I haven't seen a shade that would be so unique that I'd have to get that one over Mac.
I do not intend to try other products, because the ones that get the best reviews on the web, like their liquid highlighter, is very expensive - 45£ if I remember well. I am very happy with the ones I have and will most certainly keep on using them but I think for the same price or cheaper, I can get something different, like Illamasqua products for example.

Have you tried RBR? What are your thoughts on their products? And how do you like the brand image?


  1. I am so intrigued by this brand. wish it was available in Canada.

    Great blog btw!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I'd be surprised if they weren't going to find a distributor in America soon!

  3. Sooo expensive.. but i am totally addicted. I just ordered more (i think i have a total mental problem! Everyime im upset I get something!!)
    I love the shade of the blush you chose! And the duo looks very generous in size! xx

  4. Hi Tali, well I'm like you, I buy when I am stressed (and when I am not, too!). I really like using my RBR products but I'm a bit put off by the price...

  5. I am very put of by the price (well obviosly not so much.. considering i always buy things!)
    but luckily Zuneta always has disount codes to use! I have no social life right now so I let myself spent :P

    But one thing I do not like is how tiny the blush wands are! Its the only product that I find too small for the price!


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