November 3, 2009

Une Beauty

I have never been really attracted to organic cosmetics. Not that I don't care about organic stuff - I do- but most of these lines have such a "baba cool" positioning that I just find they're not my style, not me.

Bourjois is now launching a new brand called UNE. The aim of this brand is to offer natural makeup that contains mostly natural or organic ingredients, all GMO-free and with no artificial colorings or synthetic perfumes. Some are even paraben free.
They are massively coming to department stores and drugstores in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain, and I guess they will expand even more in the future.

The concept is all about naturalness: it's a brand of natural products for women who want to be naturally beautiful and not "hide behind makeup" (which I think is quite judgmental for us bright color wearing girls, but I guess they don't care since we are not their target) and who care about the environment. (Again, why couldn't we wear bright colors AND care about environment? anyway...)

I have had a close look at the whole range in my drugstore. All colors are indeed quite nude, earthy and natural. The eyeshadows are matte or satin and all very neutral (plums and browns), the blushes are pretty but the color range is not very large (a lot of peachy tones). The lipstick range was quite larger.
They have 2 types of foundations: mineral or liquid. The mineral range looks nice and they also have mineral veils in different colors like pink or lavender to brighten the complexion. The liquid foundations are mostly ranging on the beige/yellow side and are supposed to be light and glowy.

And well, despite the fact I didn't find anything really appealing to me in the range (I must say I like the packagings a lot, though) I decided to try the foundation. Since it claimed to be light coverage and sheer, I thought it could be nice, closer to tinted moisturizers than to my usual medium to full coverage foundations.

I was quite disappointed, I must say. It is indeed very light - don't expect it to cover redness or marks- and dewy. But even with powder on top, the dewiness came back in full force within a couple of hours and not in a pretty way. It still looked OK on natural light but under artificial light, it just looked greasy - and I do spend most of my days under artificial lights, unfortunately.
At the same time the product started to feel quite thick on the skin, as thick as high coverage foundation. There isn't much more to say... if you like the dewy look and are interested in natural products and very natural looks, this might be for you, but it's not really for me.
I'm not saying I won't try either the blushes or lipsticks later, but again, I think it's too bad there aren't more brighter or pinkier tones in the range.

More information on the range can be found on


  1. This is quite interesting to me - I do like this kind of line. I agree with you totally though, that organic/natural makeup shouldn't necessarily always equal nude! I suspect it might be harder to get the more vivid colours from natural pigments.

  2. @ Lydia: yes I am wondering if that's the reason. Maybe I sould try and contact them and see what they say...

  3. I have just seen his new makeup range in MORE! magazine, it's just about to come to the UK.
    If yu have tried other products from the range, such as the mineral foundation, please let me know what you think, because I'm having a right job of finding a good foundation to suit me, thats not gonna cost a bomb!

  4. is it cruelty free?


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