November 15, 2009

What's your beauty style?

Another tag I thought would be interesting. Since I haven't posted many pics so far (not that I don't want to, but taking good pics when there's no daylight at times where you're home is quite a challenge), it might tell you more about my stile. Feel free to answer these questions in the comments or link to your answers on your blog!

1) What is your beauty style? (Natural, classic, minimalist, dramatic, trendy etc.)
I would say "changing"! I like to try a lot of different things, look good in bright colors, am not afraid of heavy black smoky eyes... So I can do any type of look but I have a preference for trendy and/or bright.

2) Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?
On beauty blogs and videos, but also on pictures I find everywhere on the web, in magazines etc... I collect those pictures in my Tumblr, which I use as a scrapbook if you like.

3) What beauty product(s) do you have the most of?
Eyeshadows. The slightest nuance between 2 shads kind of justifies it for me to get both, but I'm trying to learn how to combine the ones I have to create new colors without splurging systematically.

4) What's your favorite/holy grail color for (can be more than one):
  • Eyes : YSL Faux-Cils mascara, and for drugstore Maybelline Colossal, in black.
  • Lips : Bronze colors look good on me
  • Cheeks : I love pink but it makes me look like a doll, so peach tones are what I wear the most and it looks good!
  • Nails : oh I can't pick a color here, I wear anything from bubblegum pink to taupe or purple or black
  • Other? Foundation - anything pale and neutral will work (but it's not easy to find) Illamasqua 125 is my best match ever.
5) Top three favorite brands of the moment.
Mac for the large color choice and the easy to use eyeshadows. Urban Decay for the bright colors and amazing liners. Illamasqua for the blushes and intense lipglosses, as well as for their cream foundation.

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