November 16, 2009

The worst products in my stash...

otherwise known as "Products I regret to date".


La Roche Posay mattifying moisturizer, Effaclar, used to be my HG. Until they changed the formula (as well as the name, it's now Effaclar M) last Summer, now it's very drying and I can't use it anymore.

The BodyShop Aloe Vera moisturizer: this is supposed to help soothing sensitive skin, it didn't do much for me, not even really moisturize, and I hated the smell. The thing is, it's fragrance free, but any fragrance free cosmetics do have a strong chemical smell, which is why most companies do use fragrances.


Diorshow mascara: the formula is dry and the brush is too big, I hated it.

Everyday Minerals foundation: although it has no bismuth oxichloride (which is the ingredient most likely to cause irritations in mineral powders) it made my skin react within minutes, I had to remove all my makeup after a couple of hours or I would have scratched my skin away!

Chanel eyeshadows: the colors are gorgeous but they are very pricey and they have no staying power whatsoever. A waste of money.

Clinique airbrush concealer: it might brighten but it doesn't conceal anything, especially not undereye circles

What are the worst products in your stash?

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