December 30, 2009

Best of 2009: face products

Apparently I won't find peace until I have tried every foundation in this world. Good for you, since I review all my trials here.

But well, if I have to pick just one for 2009, it will be Armani Luminous Silk, because I was totally surprised by this product (never tried the brand before) and it's the first time I have liked a light coverage foundation that much. Plus I have a perfect color match in that range.
Illamasqua Cream would be a close second, though!

Speaking of Illamasqua, their blushes are definitely my favourite now. Amazing pigmentation, great smell, and cheaper than Nars. Lover is one of the blushes I have worn the most this year.

Only thing is: they're all matte. And girls like some shimmer sometimes. But that's fine, because I have also developped a new interest for higlighters!
My favourite are the infamous Mac Mineralize Skin Finishes (mostly the trios) but I also like the BodyShop Shimmer Waves. They look fantastic in the Summer over a (fake) tan.

Those were my favourite face products of 2009 - what were yours?


  1. Without a doubt mine are Estee Lauder Double Wear liquid Foundation, Nars blush in Torrid and MAC MSF natural.

  2. I dream of trying Estee Lauder DW but around here, the lightest shade available is at least 2 shades too dark for me in any EL foundation :(

  3. Foundation : Revlon colorstay
    Highlight : Vanilla pigment
    Blush : Nars Orgasm

  4. Hi dear,

    Came across your site by chance.. Given your description, I guess I'm a shade darker than you. Just to check, which LSF number are you in?

    I don't have LSF in my country and I'm thinking of asking my friend to help me get it when she's in Hong Kong. So, I need to guess the number. I'm Deauville in NARS and my guess is I'm LSF#4.. But just to double check on your shade since I'm also in Diorskin Nude 020.


  5. @Klutz: I'm actually 4.5 in LSF, the intensity is the same but 4.5 is tad more peach than 4 you can see swatches on Karlasugar's website:


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