December 29, 2009

Best of 2009: skincare and lip products

I am glad to report that 2009 has been the year where I found a skincare routine that works and where I started wearing lipstick again on a regular basis!

Onto skincare first:

Fist of all, I found the perfect cleanser: The BodyShop Seaweed cleanser, which balances my oily zone without drying out the rest of my face. I use it every night after having removed my makeup.

Then twice a week, I exfoliate my skin with Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean. I have really noticed that if I skip this step, my skin becomes quite dull within a few days, so this product is really a must have for me now.

And finally, before going to bed, I moisturize with Estee Lauder Daywear Plus cream for combination skin.

I am also happy to report that NOT using moisturizer during the day has helped my oily t-zone.

And finally, I found the perfect Fake Tan: Xen-Tan. No funky smell, no streaks, no orange color - what more could I want?

So that's it for 2009 best of skincare.

Onto lip products now.
I started using UD Lip Primer and couldn't believe how much it helped on creating a smooth base and helping product longevity on the lips!

I developped an addiction for YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks, because they're so creamy and I love the mango smell. I'm even starting to like the tacky packaging.
I have #1 and 12 but might get more!

And finally, I fell inlove with Illamasqua lipglosses, particularly the Intense one, which are as pigmented and opaque as a lipstick without being drying or sticky.

What are your 2009 favourites in these categories?

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  1. cool post! I think I need to have a think about my faves for the year.

    the UD lip primer sounds great!


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