December 15, 2009

Breaking News on Mac Pigments

Well, if you are a beauty addict, you might know it already, but well...
Starting next Spring, Mac will be repackaging their pigments in new jars, which will look like this:

These new jar will contain 3g less than the current one. Which for me, isn't really bad news since I think I wouldn't have enough of my lifetime to finish up my Mac full-size jars.
But the thing is the price won't go down. 4.5g instead of 7.5g for the same price - come on, Mac, you could have tried to make an effort on this one!

1 comment:

  1. I actually think that this is terrible. I like that the ammount will be less but I think that this it's totally out of order to charge £15 for 4g. I will not be buying any MAC pigments in this size jar. It kinda makes me angry! MAC treat people like schmuks and think that we'll by anything just because they want us to.(end of rant here:)


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