December 22, 2009

Foundation Review #10: Korres Wild Rose

I like the Korres products I've used so far, and have been wanting to try this foundation for quite a while now. From the reviews I had read, I thought this could be a cheaper alternative for Armani Luminous Silk.

The brand describes this produc as a brightening foundation with long-lasting coverage. It has an SPF of 20 and is oil-free. It doesn't contain parabens, as Korres uses as many natural and/or organic products as possible.
The wild rose extract in the formulation is supposed to bring vitamine C to the skin, which would brighten the skin and reduce fine lines.

I got this in the shade WR1, which is the lightest. All shades in this range have golden undertones, not yellow but really golden, which makes it suitable for Mediterranean or Hispanic skins. Since I'm very pale, the lightest shade is a tiny bit dark for me but I can make that work anyway, since this is the color I'd have with a bit of tan, so it looks natural enough on me.

-The light rose scent is not too overpowering (which I don't like) and vanishes quickly.
-The product is easy to apply with fingers or a brush. -Coverage is rather light but can easily be built to medium.
- The finish is really brightening and dewy, so if it's what you're looking for, you won't be disappointed.
- It's moisturizing.

- very dewy, can highlight pores
- although it is moisturizing, if you don't apply properly on dry zones, it can look a bit patchy
- packaging: the bottle is completely opaque so you can't see how much produc is left
- no pump

On me (combination skin, oily T-zone and currently dry cheeks) the result is very nice when I apply, and it's very brightening. But after a few hours, I find the T-Zone is too shiny (even though I set with powder) and my few pores are suddenly very noticeable.
I haven't tried it with a mattifying primer, though, but I will.

I am going to try and make this foundation work but it doesn't compare to Armani LS to me, and I will not repurchase.


  1. Thanks for the review...very informative! What's your favorite foundation?

  2. I am surprised to read that coverage is light. It is supposed to be the heaviest one in Korres range! I have not tried it yet but will soon maybe :)

  3. @Mary007 : thank you! I can't really decide what my favourite foundation is, LOL, I rotate between several of them. Favourite of this week is Chanel Pro Lumiere, which I reviewed a while ago too.

    @Lambda: well Pro Lumiere is dewy too but it does hide my little scars and my few pores, when Korres doesn't. I'd put it somewhere between Armani and Chanel for coverage, but definitely not full coverage (unless, I guess, you put on several layers with a brush, but I can't be bothered)

  4. In summer i stupidly bought shade 5 (i was tanned but not THAT tanned more like a 4) and i tried it on the other day when i was bored. oh my god.. ORANGE!!! lol

    I love this foundation normally im a shade 2 or 3. However i use the ginger and vitamins one more as i find it easier to apply and around the nose area the finish is more natural!


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