December 6, 2009

Looks from this week

In the Summer it's very easy for me to take quick pics of my eyes of the day with my webcam while reading my mails and drinking my morning tea, but now that daylight has become something I never get to see at all, I need to use my camera, and flash. Which then requires some photoshop adjustments. And that is why I don't have time to post my looks on a daily basis, but here's the most interesting things I did this past week!

Quickly done with the Sleek Original Palette
(this pic was taken in daylight, that's my real skintone)

Urban Decay Half Baked, Twice Baked, Flipside under the lower lashes.
Liner: Bobby Brown ink in Sepia.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2/ Sphynx, Extasy, YDK
Liner: HIP Eggplant

Mac Parfait Amour and Greensmoke

And my Friday Face (I confess I photoshopped my end of the week dark circles).
I was lazy and wore only Mac Phloof! on the lid and Expensive Pink in crease.
Foundation is Chanel Mat Lumière, Blush is Mac Dainty

I don't know what I'll be coming up with next week, but since I have a lot of meetings I might wear more neutrals... we'll see.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I have a slight preference for the brown Urban Decay one, it makes your dark blue eyes pop! And your skin, mamma mia, I'll kill to get mine look this way.
    One last remarquable feature is how define your eyes are even without liner to shape them... Maybe I should try more looks without liner to get used to my natural eyeshape too :p

  2. I adore the blue, but the brown sure does make your eyes pop!

  3. Le bleu est si .....(humph soupir !) ....parfait ! je l'adore
    Caro xxx

  4. Awww thanks ladies!

    Caro: you SHOULD try blues more often (I read on your blog they scare you)

    Small Town Girl: thanks

    Lambda: I am blessed with pretty good skin, but you can't have it all and I have other flaws :-)I'm pretty sure you don't need liner either!


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