December 13, 2009

Looks from this week

I did try a few things this week but not all of them turned out the way I wanted, or they ended up being too similar to each other. So not many pictures.

I used my Book of Shadows 1 for this one, it's a mix of Baked, Smog and Ransom.

This one is a soft smokey done with the Book of Shadows 2.
I used Sellout and Extasy.

This one I like a lot, too bad the picture doesn't do it justice and it looks a lot like my UD one above. But I used Mac Woodwinked on top of Artifact paintpot.
The burgundy paintpot somehow picks up the gold really well. Then I blended some Cranberry in the crease, and a bit of Smut.

Am planning on trying a few new things this week!


  1. this looks so nice! :) love it!

    i love UD products! i used to have a lot but i sold most of it because i needed money. now i'm sad because i think some of the palettes i had were LE!

  2. Thanks Jen! I only have UD palettes, no singles, because I think they're an awsome deal.


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