December 19, 2009

Looks from this week

I didn't take many pictures during the last week, as I was more busy figuring out how to get to work on time despite the snow - and that involved spending less time doing my makeup.
I must also admit it's the time of the year when I can embrace my natural paleness and use cold colors without looking much paler than anyone else, so I have to enjoy it! I think that in Winter light, a beautiful, slightly glowing, flawless skin with a touch of pink blush works great.
Something like this:

However, today being Saturday, I had time for something more sophisticated, so here's what I did before going out in the snow to find food (they say you need more calories when it's cold).

Mac Vellum, Mac Carbon, Rouge Bunny Rouge Mysterious Tinamou
Foundation is Korres Wild Rose in WR1

And this is the much more pinky, post-shopping version of the look!


  1. The Tinamou is very pretty on you - love that little touch of colour, it shows up really nicely without being too much, if that makes any sense at all.

  2. Do you like the Korres foundation? I own it too in the same shade and I have not have the opportunity to try it out :p

  3. @ Grace: thank you - it totally makes sense, but I am not scared of bright colors anyway ;-)

    @ Lambda: it's my first day using it so it's still hard to tell. With the snow, my skin is acting crazy, completely dehydrated but still with oily t-zone, so finding products that work perfectly is very hard!


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