January 17, 2010

Beauty Icon: Diana Rigg

I mostly find beauty inspiration through movies and pictures. I collect them on my Tumblr but I thought I'd share favorites with you on here.

I have been watching The Avengers lately, which I had never bothered watching before. I probably wasn't mature enough to enjoy classics :-)
Anyway, I am really liking Dame Diana Rigg in the role of Emma Peel. I think for that time, she was pretty daring with her outfits, and Mrs Peel is definitely a strong woman and a different kind of role model if you consider the options women had in 1961!

I also think Dame Diana Rigg can be considered a beauty icon. We mostly mention Brigitte Bardot or Audrey Hepburn when thinking about that decade, but for me she deserves the same iconic status.


  1. When I was younger, I watched the Avengers with my mother during weekends. I was so willing to look like Emma Peel. I even cut my hair like her when I was 18 but it took me too long to style them every morning. She is naturally gorgeous and does not seem to age.


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