January 7, 2010

Foundation review #11: Nars Sheer Glow

I must have been lemming Nars Sheer Glow since I first heard about it on YouTube like 6 months ago. But I was trying to be good and not crazily increase the amount of foundations piling in my makeup drawer, so I waited. (Which was useless since I haven't finished any of my foundations since then.)

I already knew of a few of this product's downsides. No pump, that's not really handy. A misleading name: it's not sheer nor particularly glowy, so I didn't really know what finish to expect. A runny formulation, so you need to apply with a brush, which for me takes more time than using my hands.
But it didn't turn me off and I am really glad about it.

First time I used it, I applied with a 190 foundation brush on top of my Korres silicone free primer. And it was just OK, nice but not exceptional. I was a bit disappointed.
Then I tried it again without putting a primer underneath, and applying quickly with my 182 kabuki brush (which is the fastest way ever to apply liquid foundation). I still wasn't amazed but by the time I had applied my concealer, I noticed the foundation had set and...Bham! Perfect, flawless skin. I couldn't believe what I was seeing in the mirror.
I added Mac Mineralize Skinfinsh powder on top (a bit randomly, since I had been using my matte T.Leclerc pressed powder exclusively for weeks) and left the bathroom satisfied.

Satisfaction turned into happiness when I looked at my reflection again after 8 hours at the office, and my face was close to flawless - which never happens for me after so long.

I decided to be cautious because sometimes I have one or two lucky days with a new foundation and then it doesn't work so good anymore, maybe because my skin adjusts to it and find new ways to bother me.
Well, not this time! I've been wearing it again and again and it looks perfect. And it combines perfectly with my Mac MSF. I don't use any primer and still, not a square inch of my foundation has moved by the end of the day.

I would say the finish is satiny, certainly not matte nor glowy, but it makes my skin look very luminous and brightened. I got the shade Gobi and it is a very good match for me, which is very nice - no hard blending work. The coverage is definitely medium and I can build it easily on my red areas to get a perfect coverage.
I think Nars Sheer Glow does compare with my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, but with more coverage and more lasting power.
I can already say I'm giving a Holy Grail status to this product!


  1. Sounds fab! would it work for combination skin do you think? I've been interested in this for a while, my skin is combination but i dont like very matt foundations as i prefer to look natural.

  2. Hi Amina, I have combination skin myself so yes, I think it's worth a try for you too!

  3. As tu essayé le nouveau Revlon Photoready ?? LEs critiques passent par les 2 extrêmes mais celles qui l'adorent disent que c'est un equivalent du NARS ....

    Caro qui hésite xxx

  4. @ MUA: c'est vite réglé y a pas revlon chez moi...

  5. Thanks for the review,right now I am caught in a tussle between Nars Sheer Glow,Dior Nude & Mac Face & Body foundation.As I have acne-prone skin the water based Mac and Dior ones would be more suited but there is a little voice in my head that says 'Nars Sheer Glow.Buy It.Buy It Now.'

    Realistically though I shouldn't be buying any foundation as I have enough but that's a little voice in my head that tends to get ignored lol x

  6. Which colour do you wear though? :) Siberia?

  7. @ Suzy, no, Siberia is too light for me. I wear either Gobi or Santa Fe. Santa Fe perfectly matches my face while Gobi would match my neck/chest in Winter time - I make both work for me depending on the season and the look I'm going for.

  8. Hi...this is a good review. I actually wear Gobi but have been looking to transition to Armani. What shade of the Luminous Silk do you wear? My nearest Nordstrom has a crappy Armani counter with half the testers missing; the half they have testers for, they're always out of stock with the actual product, and there's disgusting yellow lighting which makes me look even more sallow. So I'm trying to find help online for which color matches Gobi.

    1. I wore 4.5 in LSF, but I think it's a tad bit more peachy than 4 (and Gobi is yellow, as you know, and not peachy) with the same intensity so you might consider 4 if you're more yellow-toned. HTH!


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