February 11, 2010

Favourite blushes: Illamasqua

I have a little bit of a blush obsession at the moment, so let's stay on topic, shall we?

I am starting a new series of posts on my favourite blushes. Well that's probably going to be my whole collection since I just don't keep the blushes I don't like.

Today we are looking at my Illamasqua blushes, I own 6 of them.

Rude and Lover are in the same color range (despite a somewhat obvious difference on the picture). I adore Lover for its true peach color, but decided to get Rude because I could wear it on the lips, too, since it's cream. I also wear them together with Rude as a base and Lover on top. I think these two are among Illamasqua's best sellers, and I do understand why, I really reccomend them as an entry to the range.

Unrequited is a nice blue based, cool pink. It's the infamous Katie's big brother - I thought Katie wasn't pigmented enough for me and just go a bit darker with Unrequited. It's not the color I wear the most (I stick to warms most of the time) but it's my pink of choice when I need one.

Excite and Create are respectively an apricot and an amber honey shade. I think the descriptions made me get them. However create is very hard to wear on its own on my fair complexion, but I found these two combine beautifully together, so that's how I wear them and I really like this combination.

And finally, Thrust. This is a color of choice for nails or even for lips, but I must say I would never have ordered it myself. It's actually a gift I got from Illamasqua a while ago (to make up for a lost order and a long delay, great customer service!). But I must say I like it a lot! It's the kind of shade you need to apply with a very light hand - and preferably a skunk brush. But it's a bright pink that manages to be somewhat warm, and it gives a nice flush effect.

Do you have any favourite blushes from Illamasqua? Or some you want to try?


  1. OMG! love all the colors you got :) These look stunning

  2. I have unrequited and I use it alot, it's not as cool as some other pinks I have so it seems more wearable to me. I'm desperate for Hussy powder blush which is like a neon pink-coral and Lover as I don't have a true peach shade. Rude also looks gorgeous and have heard a lot of good things about it but I'm a bit scared of how it might look and last on my oily skin.

  3. I do really like Rude! Its just so flattering but VERY pigmented so i have to be careful. A few times i made myself look a bit like a clown!!! Lies I used to like but it was just too sheer so I sold it on my blogsale!! xx

  4. I love both rude and lover. I love the dewy finish that ILLAMASQUA CREAM Blushes leave.
    Hussy is lovely too...bit on brighter side, but still very preeettttyy...:)


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