February 4, 2010

Foundation Review #14 (but who's counting): Bobby Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation

Don't blame me for this one, I didn't buy it! But I have great friends and they know how to spoil me: one of them brought this foundation back from a trip to New-York, as a gift to me.
It made me happy as a clam, since I had never tried any foundation from this brand, but am in love with their concealer and eyeliners as you may recall.
I know Bobby Brown foundations scare a lot of people because they all run yellow to some degree, but since I'm neutral-warm, this isn't a problem for me. And since my friend and I wear the same foundation shades, it was easy for her to pick a perfect match: Warm Sand.

This foundation claims to be moisturizing and luminous, and that's what it is. The finish is glowy without looking greasy, and my skin didn't feel dry or tight although I used it on cold windy snowy day. Bonus: my rather oily t-zone seemed to get along pretty well with it too.

Now let's be clear: other than being luminous and moisturizing, this foundation doesn't do anything else. The coverage is extremely sheer, tinted moisturizer-like, you definitely can see your skin throught it, and it's not really buildable to medium coverage. This isn't issue for me since I have good skin most of the time but not everybody likes a sheer coverage.
I'm thinking it will be a very fresh-looking foundation for Springtime, providing I don't wear a moisturizer underneath since that would be too much for me once Winter is over.

So that is a great foundation if you have normal to dry skin and are looking for sheer coverage and dewyness. I definitely don't recommend it if you have oily skin or need to hide scarring or other little flaws. If that's the case, Skin Foundation might be a better product to try out for you.


  1. Good review but a huge pet peeve of mine is when people spell Bobbi Brown as Bobby or Bobbie Brown!

    1. Yeah, well, I make mistakes, deal with it, Anon.


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