February 8, 2010

Mascara review: YSL Singulier.

You know how even when we have found the perfect mascara, (or foundation, concealer, insert what applies) we still hope for something even better to come out? Well that's probably why I wanted to try the new YSL Singulier.
YSL Faux-Cils is definitely my holy grail but when going to the department store to buy a backup of it, I decided on an impulse to buy Singulier, too, and give it a try just in case.

Singulier lives in the same golden tacky tube as the other YSL's mascara but that's OK, I forget the brand for the tackiness since the quality is so good. The formulation is very similar - if not identical - to Fauc Cils : it smells like melon, leaves the lashes very soft and doesn't flake. So far so good.

The brush, however, is very different. It's not made of latex - I hate latex brushes - but there's that spiral thingy going around the bristles that makes it a bit harder on the eyes than the big Faux-Cils brush. I was hoping for directions on how to use that brush but didn't see naything in the packaging (correct me if I'm wrong), so I tried and applied either wiggeling it (sp?) or the usual way. I must say I prefer the usual way, the motions didn't do anything for me.

Result: this mascara separates and leghtens. But the brush doesn't allow me to go as close to the lash roots as I do with Faux-Cils and so the result is less dramatic. The formula is buildable, you can go for either one feathery coat or build up for more drama (which I like).
It's definitely not a volumizing product, and if you build up too many coats, you'll get some volume effect but some clumpsy lashes too.

My conclusion: I'm gladly wearing this a few days a week when I don't mind going for a more natural look, but I miss the false lashes effect in this (duh) and will go back full-time to my beloved Faux-Cils when I'm done with this tube. It is, however, an excellent product for people looking for something less dramatic to wear every day, and I really recommend it if you're not after crazy volume but more after lenghtening.


  1. Amazing the difference a brush makes (I hate latex too, btw) I finally got around to trying Diorshow, of course I'll be putting a review up soon, but you speak so well of Faux-Cils, it may be my next try!

  2. Jessica, I tried Diorshow and compared it with Faux-Cils in a previous review. I'll send you the link :) I don't like Diorshow to be honest.

  3. I love the YSL Faux-Cil too and then waste my money testing drugstore to find something cheaper. What is your favorite drug store most similar to YSL Faux-Cil?

  4. @Orlene: seriously, I've tried everything, the best I had was a Nivea Beauté one (available in Europe only) but they're phasing out the brand for makeup so really, there isn't anything else that I like as much. Bourjois has some good mascaras, I'd say, but if you're in the US, you won't find it either.
    My next best would be Maybelline The Colossal but it's not as good as Faux-Cils :(


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