February 23, 2010

Products of the month

February isn't technically finished but it just flied by so fast that I know my favourites aren't going to change in the coming week, so I can tell you about them already.

Mac Charismatic Lipstick.
I absolutely love Mac Lustre finish for lipsticks: they have a gorgeous duchrome and you don't need a gloss on top, plus they're not as drying as, say, creamsheens.
Charismatic is a gorgeous warm terracotta color infused with gold. It's like a warm counterpart of "O", which I wore a lot last Summer. I have been wearing Charismatic almost non-stop all month.

Brunette MSF.
I got my hands on this through allcosmeticswholesale.com which is the only place I trust for discontinued Mac. This is the first time I own an MSF that can be used as a blush, and I have used it a lot this month, often with the lipstick mentioned above. The warm chocolate color infused with a tiny bit of pink works perfectly on my fair complexion when applied with a skunk brush.

YSL Singulier mascara
I still don't like it as much as Faux-Cils, but now that I have got the right twist on putting it on, I like that I can build it to very long lashes, and the effect is very nice on daylooks.

Blush combination: Nars Orgasm+Deep Throat.
I love the extra oomph that I get when layering those blushes, it really gives more dimension to the cheeks. I am probably going to try a million blush combinations now, but this one will stay a winner for me and I have been wearing it a lot.

SMH 28 palettes.
I finally got one of these, from allcosmeticswholesale again. I was tired of having neutrals spread all over different palettes, now they have gathered in my 28 and it makes my life much easier.

What are your favourites for this month?


  1. nice favorites! :) i love NARS blushes and MAC MSF's! :)

  2. Hi

    I just bought Charismatic and also think it is a great pick !

    I met a great sales assistant that day : since her explanations about how to apply eyeliner, I have been able to draw a very good line. So, after weeks of struggle with my fluidline and 209, I say yeah to this sweet girl and my new penultimate.

    PS : it is my 1st comment here but I have been reading for some time and really appreciate your blog.

    PPS : I would love to see how you arrange your eyeshadows in your palettes << I am one of those OCD people that dream about how they can reorder their eyeshadows.... :)

  3. Jen: you should show us your favourites one of these days :)

    Caroleen: welcome, and thank you! Now that my palettes are a bit more organized, I should make a post about them indeed! Great suggestion!


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