March 4, 2010

Bleached. Nude. Monochromatic.

I've had it up to here with Winter, so I am obsessing about the Spring-Summer trends as if it were going to make the sun come back faster. Can't really wear those looks right now, as it's still freezing and I'm as pale as a ghost in my dark Winter clothes.

But I know the coming trends nevertheless. And they can be summarized in three words. Bleached. Nude. Monochrome.

Close to this, I would say. (This is Chanel, by the way).

Bleached. Don't look for the logics in this: we had huge dark brows all Winter, so now we're going to make them completely disappear. For those of us who aren't runway models, that means keeping them as pale and discrete as possible. I didn't think I'd ever be lucky to have thin sparse brows - to think I had realy gotten into darkening them a lot!

Nude. Pale eyes, pale lips, pale face, pale everything. Nude makeup is more present than ever. But it has a particular characteristic: it needs to be monochromatic (is that even an English word?). Pick one light neutral brown eyeshadow (think Mac Wedge) and use it around the eye in a halo. Add brown mascara and you're done. Use a matching blush and lipstick.

Want some color?
Don't worry, there are other alternatives for you! Twist the one-color look with corals, which are everywhere this Spring and much more flattering on a Summer complexion.
Lagoon blue is also one of this season's favourite color and can make a great bright one-color eye look. Like this:

So, which one of those looks are you going to adopt, if any? I am probably going to give all of them a try at some point!


  1. There is no way I can get out with the first one I will look like a corpse and as I am not really into monochromatic stuff I may stick to my own personal sense of fashion :))

  2. LOVE this post! You are soooo bang on with the trends!!!

  3. @ Lambda: well, yes, it's not that my co-workers are going to notice that wether I'm following the trend or not, are they? But I must say I love the second picture, I might try that one, you know I love blues.

    @ Stells: thank you!

  4. I love both pics but I am not sure I'd look good in the 1st one ....I am not surprised the 2nd one touched your heart through the core hahahah

    Caro xxx

  5. I like the last look a lot! I love how you can actually see a LOT of color on her lids. I have to try this out!! xx


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