March 27, 2010

Dual-Phase eye makeup removers; YSL vs. La Roche Posay

Once in a while, I will try a new mascara and find out at night that my well-trusted eye makeup remover (I use La Roche Posay Rosaliac micellar jelly) will fail to move it. I never pick waterproof mascaras, but some are particularly long-wear anyway.

It happened again very recently (I'll talk about that mascara soon) and so I called the makeup forums for help, and was recommended to use a dual-phase makeup remover, as these are supposed to remove everything.

I had one home, actually: a mini bottle of the YSL Instant Eye Makeup Remover that I had gotten as a gift with purchase last time I was buying my beloved Faux-Cils. So I tried that one right away.

Results? zero - it didn't do a thing. I was expecting more from a product calling itself "high performance". Don't get me wrong: it's not irritating, it doesn't have a smell, and it worked fine on removing the rest of my makeup - but not the mascara.

So I started looking for other options, and decided to try the La Roche Posay Respectissime eye makeup remover in its waterproof makeup version. I put it at work on the same day, of course, hoping I wouldn't have to rub my lashes to death again to remove my mascara.

Well, bingo. This is industrial strength remover, ladies. It effortlessy removed my mascara without irritating my eyes, and without leaving behind any residue.
At the price of 11€, this is way cheaper than any high end cosmetics brand and I swear noting could be more efficient.

I can keep using my mascara, I am a happy camper.


  1. I've read good things about this la Roche-Posay cleanser before.

    Personally, I try to stay away from bi-phase eye make-up removers that contain oils, I've read that oil deteriorates the lash bond and my opthalmologist advised me against them. My choice is cream or gel-based formulas, the latter are supposed to wipe off any traces of those "new generation" mascaras- Yves Rocher, Decleor, Too Faced and Bliss make gel eye make-up removers. I've tried the first and it's my #1 choice so far.

    Sorry for the long comment, it's just that I'm very interested in eye make-up removing products due to an eye infection and since then I'm trying to take good care of my eyes ;)

  2. cbsg5861: thanks for your insight, it's very interesting. I actually use this dual phase only when nothing else works, I much prefer gel.


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